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Thursday, 25 Jul 2024

Partners in Business

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Welcome to Floramacollection , As opposed to the traditional method for trading companies, we are devoted in offering breakthrough services by providing many of our “value-add services” and excellent quality products to each and every customer. Our close relationship with our customers and suppliers allows us to pay careful attention to every product detail. This essentially separates FM from any other company.
We welcome your enquiries and look forward to handling your needs and requirements shortly.Partners in Business, we are able to supply companies assistance with the introduction and distribution of their products into the Chinese market
Business information:

  • Sectors Economical Statistic data in order to be able to developing Feasibility Study, Business Plan and Marketing Strategy.
  • Orientation and Trend Market Data on the exactly range of product or Market network chain.
  • Commercial , financial status information of customers , clients and partners

Market Survey:
Defining of the distribution potential for products of client companies By request of Chinese client companies, the locating of Italian/European products with high potential for distribution on the Chinese market

Distribution: Locating of specialist distribution channels, both in areas covered by mass retailing and in those covered by specialist retail outlets, according to the products of the client firms Selection of specialist distribution organizations able to offer an extensive distribution network throughout the country or in special regional areas

Operative in China : (also managed by HYT international Co Ltd)

  • Operative Desk
  • Establish Rappresentative Office & Companies
  • Establish productive or Logistic factories or organizations


  • Assistance with the study of advertising campaigns aimed at introducing client products or strengthening the brand in the territory

Product Range:

  • Following the Catalog and from Customers requirements


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