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Tuesday, 05 Dec 2023


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 FC's primary function is to create an enhanced procurement link between our customers and our various carefully selected partners in China. By uniting our customers together, this provides us with a unique opportunity to combine their buying needs and seek larger product volumes. Excellent acts as the key procurement link between the buyers and suppliers with a simple aim to maximize

Premier Sourcing Service

For customers buying a variety of products and looking for a single-selling source. Our products selection range is wide, from household, home-décor, simple textiles and toys to industry specific items such as medical-use syringes and home-renovation tiles. This would eliminate the hassle to maintain contacts with a multitude of vendors.The vendors that you buy from are guaranteed to pass international industry standards and are competitive priced.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

For companies who wishes to imprint their own logos or amend designs on existing market products. Setup costs are usually substantially lower than to creating original designs. It can effectively differentiate your products for promotional and branding purpose while keeping costs low.

Initial Stage

-Set specifications
- Price Target
- Quantity
- Packaging requirement
- Shipment tme



- Compare with targets
- Price negotiations with makers

Next Best Alternatives

- If requirements cannot be met,
- Alternative products
- Adjust requirements

Preliminary Samples

- Once the product and price looks good.
- Initial samples are done to check quality.

Order Placement

- Arrange testing
- (if necessary)


  1. - Detailed understanding and knowledge of the Asian market
  2. - Buying and order follow-up
  3. - Product knowledge and development
  4. - Quality assurance and Quality control
  5. - Assist in shipping and payment arrangements
  6. - Package design and marketing material support
  7. - Cultural understanding

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